Application Hosting - z/OS - Administration

The OTech provides administration support including managing allocation of user accounts, server management, monitoring, security, preventative maintenance, hardware and software upgrades, and backup and restore services for the z/OS Application Hosting service. This does not include support of customer code.

Standard Administration Standard Administration

Enrollment in Application Hosting

  1. The Customer develops their capacity requirements.
  2. The Customer creates an architectural diagram.
  3. The Customer creates and submits a Service Request with requirements and diagram attached.
  4. The Customer requests their Customer Delivery representative to schedule a technical overview meeting to review the Customer's business needs/requirements and specifications.
  5. The OTech develops a cost estimate.
  6. The OTech provisions the Application Hosting environment including hardware, software, and network based on the architectural diagram.
  7. The environment is turned over to the Customer.

Enrollment in Disaster Recovery

  1. Please contact your Customer Delivery representative to initiate your request.
  2. Your next step would be to submit a Service Request for a DR service quote.
    1. Please provide a designated contact and a desired date for services in your Service Request.
  3. Your OTech DR Coordinator will provide you with your quote.
  4. If the services and the cost meets your business needs, please submit a Service Request requesting activation of DR services.
    1. Include the quote services that you wish to receive.
  5. Your OTech DR Coordinator will work with you on the next steps to complete the process of initiating your services.

Backup and Restore Administration

  • The OTech is responsible for the backup and recovery of z/OS platform disk data on all shared systems. For disk data dedicated to a single customer, the backup and recovery responsibility may be owned by the customer or may be provided by OTech as an add-on component.
  • The OTech performs full volume backups every two weeks on the disk for the shared systems. Two copies of the backups are made. One copy remains on-site for recovery of deleted or corrupted data and the other copy stored off-site.
  • The OTech performs incremental backups daily on data that has changed or has been modified since the last backup. Only one copy is made and it is stored on-site for recovery of deleted or corrupted data.
  • OTech does not provide any backup service for tape data. If the Customer wants tape data to be stored off-site they are responsible for backups of tape data and for requesting they be sent off-site.
  • OTech creates a second copy of all VTS data, but the second copy is not considered a backup and the second copies are not sent off-site.


For more information, see Security Services.


OTech bills for consulting services when those services exceed the workload in the rates approved. For more information please see Consulting Services.

Optional Administration Optional Administration


OTech bills for consulting services when those services exceed the workload in the rates approved. For more information see Consulting Services.