Application Hosting - z/OS - Specifications

The OTech offers standard and optional hardware and software for the z/OS Application Hosting service.

Standard Components and Features Standard Components and Features


The OTech offers multiple IBM Systems utilizing physical and logical partitions.

  • z/10
  • z196

Operating System

  • z/OS V1R13


Connection to SAN

  • Eight (4 or 8) GB (Gigabyte) FICON channel connections.
Network Connection

  • Redundant 1000 Mbps network connection
  • One IP address

Optional Components and Features Optional Components and Features


The Office of Technology Services (OTech) offers a number of database management system (DBMS) technologies.


The Office of Technology Services (OTech) provides a number of middleware technologies.

Courier (No Longer Available to New Customers)

Scheduled Weekly Courier

  • Scheduled weekly courier service for normal pickup and delivery of reports and other documentation.
Unscheduled/Weekend/Holiday Courier

  • Unscheduled weekend and holiday courier service for unscheduled pickup and delivery of reports and other documentation.

Disaster Recovery

The Service Continuity Mainframe Services (SCMS) offering establishes capability that enables OTech to provide Disaster Recovery for the mainframe platform and mainframe data for Customers' whose systems are hosted at one of the two OTech campuses (Rancho Cordova & Vacaville).


  • Mainframe Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) will replicate at the alternate campus
  • Virtual Tape System (VTS) will provide access to tape data at the alternate campus
  • Mainframe Capacity On-Demand available at each campus to recover all DR customers at the alternate campus (in the event of a true disaster)
  • 24 Hour Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
  • 5 Minute Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for DASD
  • Exercise schedule flexibility
  • Service Desk 24x7 availability during DR exercises

For more information regarding mainframe disaster recovery, refer to the Mainframe Disaster Recovery Guideline.


  • Transfer the output files to the Customer.


OTech offer multiple printing options.

  • Printing on a printed page, on impact printers or laser printers
  • Printing on a printed form


Go-Online provides Customers an efficient and secure alternative to view and manage output via a web browser on their desktop, mobile devices, etc. Customers can immediately access documents/reports stored in their repository on the mainframe utilizing Output Management Web Viewer (OMWV), CA-View and CA-Deliver. This provides an economical and "green" alternative to printed reports.

For additional information, FAQs and training demonstrations visit the Go-Online training webpage.


  • Data storage on disk using RAID
  • Migration management: OTech copies and compresses data from on-line disk storage to off-line storage in order to maintain a sufficient amount of on-line disk space for ongoing processing. Customers can browse or edit their data after it is moved to off-line storage through a recall (automatic restoring) process: Off-line Disk Storage - Data that has not been used (e.g., browsed, edited) in the preceding 35 days are candidates for migration to off-line disk storage.
  • Expiration management: Data can be assigned an expiration date by the customer. Data having no expiration dates will be assigned a two year expiration date at the time it is migrated to off-line storage. Data is not accessible after its expiration date.
  • Restoration of corrupted or deleted data up to 30 days .
  • Data with no expiration date is deleted 2 days after creation.
  • Virtual Tape for high-speed access at a lower cost.
  • Auto backup to second copy at no additional cost.
  • Off-site storage upon request.
  • Data Secured at client level.
  • Assistance with data definition, access and deletion